BIZ Park is premium parking for the frequent flyer

  • BIZ Park offers hassle-free parking with quick access to the terminal and your departure gate.
  • BIZ Park members enjoy a dedicated parking area with guaranteed space on the Level 3 of the Parkade (P1).
  • Parking fees are automatically registered to your access card and charged to your credit card – just get in your car and go.


$10.00 first hour

$28.00 flat rate per 24 hours


An access card is provided to BIZ Park members upon registration and after credit card approval is received. Malfunctioning access cards are replaced free of charge. Replacement of lost or damaged access cards carries a $25.00 charge.

Access cards that are linked to accounts showing no activity for 90 days or more will be deactivated.

Parking charges are for the use of the BIZ Park parking area in the Parkade (P1), and are based strictly on usage as recorded by the automated vehicle identification system and billed directly to the member’s credit card. BIZ Park members will have the ability to access their personal accounts online in order to make any required changes to personal and/or vehicle information. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure this information is kept current.

Member personal data (including credit card information) will be used strictly and exclusively for BIZ Park operations and will not be used or sold to any other company or organization for any purpose whatsoever.

The Authority and the parking operator assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for damage or loss due to fire, theft, or otherwise to any vehicle or its contents, however caused.

There are two 120V plug-in locations in the BIZ Park area solely for BIZ Park members to charge their electric vehicle.

There are charging stations for electric vehicles in the Parkade (P1).

Drivers of electric vehicles have access to eight dedicated parking spaces that are each equipped with a universal 120V trickle charger. There are two spots at the North end of Level 2, 3 and 4, as well as two spots in the BIZ Park area.

  • There is no cost to charge a vehicle
  • Dedicated spots cannot be reserved
  • The charging cord is 25 feet long
  • There are no buttons or switches – just plug and charge
  • Vehicles parked in the dedicated spots that are not electric vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed

There are also four 120V plugs at the South end of Level 4.